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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Sheet Metal Roll Forming Process Improvement by Means of Numerical Simulation, Process Monitoring and Artificial Vision Techniques

In the last few years and mainly due to the constantly increasing market competitiveness there has been a trend towards getting more and more complex cold roll formed geometries, design free structures, using materials with higher ultimate tensile strengths and lower forming properties and trying to reduce the number of manufacturing steps due to economical reasons. The deformations that the materials suffer during the manufacturing processes have raised considerably being much closer to their forming limits.  
Target of this research project is to investigate the influences on profile quality of cold roll formed cross sections and - by means of adequate measuring means and the use of expert system technology -  to secure a constant quality in the profile production. The finite element model being used to simulate the roll forming process will be improved and enhanced in functionality.

Work will be performed in different work packages according to the technical requirements split into specification of technical requirements, development of suitable sensors for forces as well as geometry up to the enhancement of numerical simulation models.
The results will be verified in practical experiments as well as validated in industrial application.


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